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2014-06-21 Nisroch Added image
2014-01-16 Certain Doom Edited image (DB)
Darkwood Cudgel Edited image (DB)
Grimsteel Edited image (SS)
Reckless Leap Edited image (SG)
Steel Gargoyle Edited image (TaC)
Temple of the Doomed Sky Edited image (SK)
The Broken Earth Edited image (DB)
Tome of Shadows Edited image (AS)
Wand of Negation Edited image (DOM)
2013-01-29 Admiral Veso Edited image
Ol' Jack Hollows Edited image
Ring of the Savant Edited text
2013-01-26 Dragon Frenzy Added text / image
Draxon the Stormbreaker Added text / image
Grumpkins Added text / image
Hand of the Storm Added text / image
Mantus Heed Edited text / image
Muck'Olla Added text / image
Nightmare's Skin Added text / image
Ol' Jack Hollows Added text / image
Soul Rider Edited text / image
Tempered Gargoyle Edited text / image
2013-01-22 Jehricho Added image (TaC)
Reckless Leap Added image
Temple of the Doomed Sky Added image
2013-01-08 *** Announcement: Added StolenDestiny Rulings *** Added StolenDestiny Rulings
*** Announcement: Added LightAndShadow Rulings *** Added LightAndShadow Rulings
Debris Gargoyle Edited image
Hoist the Black Flag Edited image
2012-12-31 *** Announcement: Added Set: AMH *** Added Set: AMH
A Time for Heroes Added text / image
Change of Leadership Edited text / image
Holy Warding Added text / image
Sal'Azar Added image
Sal'Azar the Gilded Added text / image
The Curse of Hope Added text / image
The Death of Dreams Added text / image
The End of Times Added text / image
2012-12-20 Utnapishtim Added image
2011-12-23 *** Announcement: Added Set: CoG *** Added Set: CoG
2011-12-20 Boots of Water Walking Added text / image
Day of the Raven Added text
Enki Added text / image
Envoy Soraya Added image
Mistress Flavia Added text
Nisroch Added text
Roona Added image
Sal'Azar Added text
Serj Vorvallyn Added text / image
Urshambi Added text
Utnapishtim Added text
2011-12-19 Cairn Rowan Added image
Dawn of the Dead Added image
Phoenix Feather Added image
Phoenix Rising Edited image
R'Veeka Added image
2011-12-03 Eresh q'Shedim Added text / image
Lady Keithia Edited text (FTraits)
Storm Crows Edited text (FTraits)
2011-12-02 Cei Edited image
Phraistos Edited image
2011-12-01 *** Announcement: Added Set: ALR *** Added Set: ALR
Baraz Added text / image
Belt of Corruption Added text / image
Cairn Rowan Added text
Chill's Razor Added text / image
Circlet of Veiled Sight Added text / image
Cutlass Added text / image
Dawn of the Dead Added text
Dragontear Shield Added text / image
Drasek Resplendant Added text / image
Envoy Soraya Added text
Gixu the Jester Added image
Gorget of Soul Binding Added text / image
Here-There Mask Added image
In Death Ground Added text / image
Judgment Day Added text / image
Kestrel the Deceiver Added text / image
Mask of Dominance Added text / image
Mercurial Phoenix Added text / image
Orvac Granitefall Added text / image
Phoenix Feather Added text
Phoenix Rising Added text / image
Pog'myrmex Added text / image
Queen-Mother Nyssara Added text / image
R'Veeka Added text
Rabinus the Elder Added text / image
Reflection of Power Added text / image
Rica O'Shea Added text / image
Roona Added text
Roshni Added text / image
Sahuagin Raider Added text / image
Shadowhide Armor Added text / image
Stone Sling Added text / image
The Biting West Wind Added text / image
The Bloody Mistress Added text / image
The Conflagration Added text / image
The Cutting North Wind Added text / image
The Howling East Wind Added text / image
The Lost Bride Added text / image
The Temple of Lore Added text / image
Tome of Wondrous Jests Added image
Tyrantslayer Added text / image
Valanthe Theridiae Added text / image
Warmaster Sceth Added text / image
Wasteland Rod Added text / image
Winter, Eternal Added text / image
Wisps of Fate Added text / image
2011-10-02 Seeing Halo Added image
2011-07-17 Destiny of the Raging Mind Added image
Raging Mind Cohort Added image
2011-03-04 Blazing Medallion Edited text (Text and Number)
Coup d'arret Edited text (Text and Number)
Gris' Double Bit Axe Edited text (Text and Number)
Sharkskin Gargoyle Edited text (Text, Flavor, and Number)
2011-02-01 *** Announcement: Added Set: CoG *** Added Set: CoG
2010-11-08 *** Announcement: Added Artist info: SK *** Added Artist info: SK
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: DOM *** Added Artist info: DOM
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: BET *** Added Artist info: BET
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: CTA *** Added Artist info: CTA
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: SG *** Added Artist info: SG
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: BK *** Added Artist info: BK
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: NoV *** Added Artist info: NoV
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: TaC *** Added Artist info: TaC
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: GE *** Added Artist info: GE
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: AS *** Added Artist info: AS
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: SS *** Added Artist info: SS
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: PM *** Added Artist info: PM
2010-11-07 *** Announcement: Added Artist info: CE *** Added Artist info: CE
2010-11-06 *** Announcement: Added Artist info: CA *** Added Artist info: CA
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: SA *** Added Artist info: SA
2010-11-05 *** Announcement: Added Artist info: ToL *** Added Artist info: ToL
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: EE *** Added Artist info: EE
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: EoS *** Added Artist info: EoS
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: DF *** Added Artist info: DF
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: CH *** Added Artist info: CH
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: HG *** Added Artist info: HG
*** Announcement: Added Artist info: DB *** Added Artist info: DB
2010-11-03 Abd al-Hakiim Edited text (Level)
2010-05-05 Brine Fiend Added image (4E alts)
Hungry Spirits Edited text / image (Name)
Iron Golem Edited image
Meet at the Inn Added image (4E alts)
Taisia Edited image (both promos)
2010-04-29 Here-There Mask Edited text (Bugs)
Tome of Wondrous Jests Edited text (Bugs)
2010-04-28 Atu the Fallen Added text / image
Blackstone Spaulders Added text / image
Blessings of Granite Added text / image
Drasek the Furious Added text / image
Gixu the Jester Added text / image
Glacial Axe Added text / image
Han of the Ferry Added text / image
Here-There Mask Added text / image
Hood of Distraction Added text / image
Ikzi Added text / image
Imperial Scepter Added text / image
Judge Dacaus Added text / image
Kraken Cave Added text / image
Mistress Dagani Added text / image
Moldering Cur Added text / image
Nellia Yscar Added text / image
Scrap Golem Added text / image
Sea Wasps Added text / image
Seleesa Added text / image
Sir Valance Added text / image
Stone Golem Added text / image
The Undying Added text / image
Tome of Wondrous Jests Added text / image
Verdigris Added image (PM)
2010-04-27 *** Announcement: Added Set: SoO *** Added Set: SoO
Ring of the Savant Added ruling
Submerge Added ruling
Tass'daesh Added ruling
Troas' Pawn Added ruling
Xantin's Ward Added ruling
Xiathe's Touch Added ruling
Xienar's Guard Added ruling
2010-01-04 *** Announcement: Added Set: L2P *** Added Set: L2P
2009-06-19 Chalice of Life Added text / image
Sir Robert of Andover Added text / image
Takaxras Added text / image
2009-06-16 *** Announcement: Added Set: CC *** Added Set: CC
2009-01-23 Amoudasi's Wrath Added ruling
2009-01-12 Taisia Added image
2008-12-27 Aquamarine Earring Added text / image
Black Sun Helm (Treasure) Added text / image
Blade of Syneri (Treasure) Added text / image
Blue Wyrm Helm (Treasure) Added text / image
Cei Added text / image
Double Bladed Sword (Treasure) Added text / image
Dragon Buckler (Treasure) Added text / image
Dueling Saber (Treasure) Added text / image
Fors Added text / image
Gethseme Steelshard Added image
Edited text
Golden Circlet (Treasure) Added text / image
Heat Metal Added text / image
Hoard of Gold Added text / image
Ice Elemental Added text / image
Ivory Scepter (Treasure) Added text / image
Long Bow (Treasure) Added text / image
Lothian, Law-Hammer (Treasure) Added text / image
Niobe Added image
Phraistos Added text / image
Red Wyrm's Mail Added text / image
Ruby Crown Added text / image
Ruby Necklace Added text / image
Spawn of Ellil Added text / image
2008-12-24 The King's Lady Edited text
2008-11-17 Armlet of the Glade Added text / image
Blackblade Edited text
Edited image
Blinding Beauty Added text / image
Bracers of the Fey Added text / image
Diadem of the Dryads Added text / image
Eiael Darkfeather Edited image
Girdle of Fertility Added text / image
Harvester of Souls Added text / image
Kess Added text / image
Loki Added ruling
Niobe's Leaf (Treasure) Added text / image
Niobe's Neckpiece Added text / image
Pondstone Necklace Added text / image
Sylvan Crown Added text / image
2008-09-29 Axe of Tergoth (Treasure) Added text / image
Flaming Long Sword Added text / image
Kerebrus Edited image
Mace of Severance Added text / image
Naram-Sin Added image
Paymaster Corr Edited image
Pile of Gold Added text / image
Ta'anar Tol'son Edited image
Weeping Crescent Added text / image
2008-08-27 Eyestalk of Control Edited text
Added image
Eyestalk of Insight Edited text
Added image
2008-08-25 Blade Hag Added text / image
Into the Breach Added text / image
Iron Golem Added text / image
Sin-Marduk Edited image
2008-08-20 Alex Venator Added text / image
Anselm Beaucourt Added text
Added image
Aquila Added text / image
Banish the Wound Added ruling
Call of the Wild Added text / image
Darkwood Staff Edited text
Dragon's Lair Edited text
Fenrir Added text / image
Gloves of Mischief Edited text
Kiras Yscar Edited text
Meet at the Inn Added image
Sin-Marduk Added text / image
Smoke Imp Added ruling
Tanning Knife Edited ruling
The Angel's Vengeance Added text / image
Validan Added ruling
Xiathe's Touch Edited text
Xiola Edited text
2008-08-18 Alchemist's Arrows Added image
Aura of Power Edited image
Avinoam Blightlifter Edited image
Barrow Wight Edited image
Bescez Edited image
Blitzer Edited image
Boots of Speed Edited image
Edited text
By Your Word Edited image
Castle Lorath Edited image
Comet Edited image
Cookies and Milk Edited image
Deck of Faces Edited image
Devastating Charge Edited image
Dinal Edited image
Dirge of the Dead Edited image
Down the Chimney Edited image
Embersmane Edited image
Etal Freste Edited image
Harn Edited image
Hember's Signet Added ruling
Added image
Hero's Gambit Edited image
Edited text
Isadran Warrior Edited image
Kringle's Bag Edited image
Lukkot Added image
Olivark the Quiet Edited image
Qor-Teth Edited image
Red Wyrm Helm Edited image
Ring of Resilience Edited image
Robes of Kor Edited image
Rod of Stone Edited image
Edited text
Rod of Striking Edited image
Ruuslik Edited image
Samope Edited image
Soul Stealer Added image
Squire Andreas Edited image
Squire's Banner Edited image
Srykin Edited image
Stenis Elshemeer Edited image
Sword of Chaos Edited image
Taisia Added text / image
Thunic Hydra Edited image
Troll's Warren Edited image
Unleash Hell Edited image
Urisk the Ugly Edited image
2008-08-17 Flesh Golem Added text / image
Loki Added text / image
Mimik Added text / image
Reflection of Faith Added text / image
Soul of the Storm Added text / image
Stacks of Gold Added text / image
Terror of Ithan Spire Edited image
Treasure Chest Added text / image
Turquoise Necklace Added text / image
2008-07-06 Kerebrus Edited text
Added image
Limited Wish Edited text
Edited image
Paymaster Corr Added text / image
Ta'anar Tol'son Added text / image
2008-07-02 Arcane Qor-Teth Added image
Elder Qor-Teth Added image
2008-07-01 Golvannon Added text / image
Jernar Thanatoc Added text / image
Kargaz Dythanus Added text / image
Lawrence Pheen Added text / image
Legion Added text / image
Living Stones Added text / image
Lukkot Piledriver Added text / image
Madrigorian Added text / image
Master's Plans Added text / image
McEachern Blade Added text / image
Miasmic Horror Added text / image
Mortvoritan the Baneful Added text / image
Mortvoritan's Wrath Added text / image
Raimund Aedroud Added text / image
Reflection of Fortune Added text / image
Reflection of Glory Added text / image
Shadow Bracers Added text / image
Shadow Walker Added text / image
Staff of Damnation Added text / image
The False Emperor Added text / image
The Martyrs' Blade Edited text
The Shadow Singer Added text / image
Wages of War Added text / image
2008-06-27 Black Banner Cohort Added image
Bleeding Eye Cohort Edited text / image
Broken Axe Cohort Edited text / image
Dark Reserve Cohort Added image
Famine Ghoul Edited text / image
Judge Aeacus Added text / image
Rotting Priest Edited text / image
Wisdom Lost Cohort Added text / image
2007-10-14 Alholland Bramble Added ruling
Atlas of Vision Added ruling
Contest Thy Title Added ruling
Elemental Barrage Added ruling
Evoke Crisis Added ruling
Forget Added ruling
Halcyon Added ruling
Orazhuk of Scarab Added ruling
Ring of Blasting Added ruling
Ring of Guile Added ruling
Ring of Mending Added ruling
Ring of Piercing Added ruling
Secrets of the Guild Added ruling
Serolia Calix Added ruling
Shadan Alder Added ruling
Sir Argen Undying Added ruling
Soothing Aura Edited ruling
Talib al-Sirr Added ruling
Taltos Rellion Added ruling
Tanning Knife Added ruling
Terbero Added ruling
The Cohorts' Ark Added ruling
Warmistress Gurlda Added ruling
2007-10-07 Archos Loth Added text / image
Corruption Added text / image
2007-09-18 Aridun of the Stone Added ruling
Clandestine Crest Added ruling
Sustaining Aura Added ruling
Symbol of Unity Added ruling
2007-09-16 Aellano Sessaran Added ruling
Bran Segula Added ruling
2007-08-30 Ashling Added ruling
Edge, Fiendblight Added ruling
Jautya Syne Added ruling
Ophinuchus Added ruling
Overwhelm Added ruling
Persecutor's Emblem Added ruling
Slow March Added ruling
Soren Nihil Added ruling
2007-08-24 Arcane Qor-Teth Added text
Calling the Storm Added text / image
Elder Qor-Teth Added text
Helena Dascum Added text / image
Malrog's First Test Added text / image
Medusa's Heritage Added text / image
Medusan Lord's Might Added text / image
Medusan Lords Guile Added text / image
Medusan Wargear Added text / image
Qor-Teth Firefist Added text / image
Sack of Baraxton Added text / image
The Haunted Added text / image
Tide's Ascension Added text / image
Veil of Secrecy Added text / image
2007-08-06 Delirium Added ruling
Devious Illusions Added ruling
Levitate Added ruling
Mental Assault Added ruling
Rush to Battle Added ruling
Subdue Added ruling
Torment Added ruling
Touch of Madness Added ruling
Tzin's Attention Added ruling
2007-07-31 Ancient Oath Cohort Added ruling
Annals of Triumph Added text / image
Black Banner Cohort Added ruling
Bleeding Eye Cohort Added ruling
Broken Axe Cohort Added ruling
Calif's Heir Cohort Added ruling
Dark Reserve Cohort Added ruling
Final Purge Cohort Added ruling
Flory's Monster Guide Added ruling
Getting's World Atlas Added ruling
Gilded Tongue Cohort Added ruling
Ginerva of the Moon Added ruling
Heerman's Epic Added ruling
History's Tears Cohort Added ruling
Medwin's Codex Added ruling
Noble Blood Cohort Added ruling
Ogre Lord Cohort Added ruling
Passing the Knives Added ruling
Raging Cyclops Added text / image
Raging Mind Cohort Added ruling
Returned Cohort Added ruling
Robert's Savior Cohort Added ruling
Sarakian Ettin Added text / image
Scarlet Rose Cohort Added ruling
Secrets of the Storm Added ruling
Silver Skin Cohort Added ruling
Silvered Fount Cohort Added ruling
Soothing Aura Added ruling
Tome of Memory Added ruling
Unfinished Mercy Cohort Added ruling
Worldfall's Ally Cohort Added ruling
2007-07-19 Destiny of Ancient Oaths Added image
Destiny of the Silver Skin Added text / image
Destiny of Unfinished Mercy Added text / image
Edric D'Ilchant Edited image
Kar'rak Urartu Added text / image
Mantle of Souls Added text / image
Oblivion's Voice Added text / image
Sedara Tansiq Added text / image
Troll's Warren Added text / image
Unfinished Mercy Cohort Added text / image
Urisk the Ugly Added text / image
2007-06-19 Deathflail Edited image
Lady Bhaine Edited image
2007-06-05 Destiny of History's Tears Added text
Destiny of the Gilded Tongue Added text
Added image
Destiny of the Ogre Lord Added text
Gilded Tongue Cohort Added text
Added image
History's Tears Cohort Added text
2007-05-22 Ancient Oath Cohort Added image
Returned Cohort Edited text
Silver Skin Cohort Added text / image
Worldfall's Ally Cohort Added image
2007-05-21 Lukkot Added text
Mammoth's Tusks Added image
Rangok Added image
Sluagh Added image
2007-05-20 Adonis the Cozener Added image
Ancient Oath Cohort Added text
Broken Axe Cohort Added text
Cairbre Netheryn Added image
Cardinal Creigh Added image
Coreos Bodach Added image
Dark Reserve Cohort Added text
De'zicrah Added image
Destiny of Ancient Oaths Added text
Destiny of the Abyss Added text
Destiny of the Broken Axe Added text
Destiny of the Dark Reserve Added text
Eleora Edited text
Ogre Lord Cohort Added text / image
Priam Ironsoul Added image
Raging Mind Cohort Added text
Slayer the Unkind Added image
Syvonne Ashenstorm Added image
Taoth Added image
Ter-Soth Added image
The Broken Earth Added image
The Lady of Mercy Added image
Tisiphone Edited text
2007-05-17 Sakar Edited text
2007-05-01 Black Banner Cohort Added text
Destiny of Robert's Savior Added text
Destiny of the Black Banner Added text
Destiny of the Scarlet Rose Added text / image
Destiny of Worldfall's Ally Added text
Feigning Death Added image
Ghed Lionel Added ruling
Jet Gargoyle Added ruling
Master Caudecus Added ruling
Modred of Carcius Added ruling
Rescue Added image
Robert's Savior Cohort Added text
Scarlet Rose Cohort Added text / image
Worldfall's Ally Cohort Added text
2007-04-30 Soul of the Dragon Edited text
2007-04-29 Destiny of the Final Purge Added text / image
Final Purge Cohort Added text / image
2007-04-22 A Touch of Power Added image
Achilleus Added image
Aeshe Wispbane Added image
Arionrhod Added image
Awl Beetle Added image
Blackwaters Shrine Added image
Boot Knife Added image
Breath of Ice Added image
Bull Rush Added image
Clariste Added image
Dallen Stormlost Added image
Destiny of the Returned Added image
Edited text
Direwolf Mount Added image
Face of Death Added image
Forgotten Added ruling
Freya Added image
From the Shadows Added image
Gahred Nenrayhil Added image
Hearth Added image
Hember's Sigil Added image
Howling Rain Added image
Instructed by Rren'the Added image
Kedric Added image
Lance Added image
Edited text
Machine of Lukkot Added image
Markappal Basilysk Added image
Mekk'iah Added image
Pull the Strings Added ruling
Revan Added image
Run Like Hell Added image
Scourge of Dythanus Added image
Shatteredplains Tomb Added image
Sigilsword Added image
Sir Guerin Added image
Storm Crows Edited image
Su-tatra Edited image
Thunder Mace Added image
Tracking Edited image
Vision of Thunder Added image
Weapon Focus Added image
Woundwraith Added image
Yemat Added image
2007-04-19 A Time of Naming Edited image
Ablung's Quickmail Edited image
Avatar of Albrecht Added image
Avatar of Fineltour Added image
Edited text
Avatar of Kavara Added image
Avatar of Neus Added image
Back Alley Tavern Added image
Edited text
Baraxton's Signet Added image
Behlial Added image
Belsamoreth Added image
Blackiron Shield Added image
Bloodthirsty Added image
Bow of Destruction Added image
Burr Under the Saddle Added image
Byaal Kadapati Edited image
Calix's Signet Added image
Captain Dukat Added image
Cardinal Creigh Edited image
Chirurgery Kit Added image
Deima's Shield Edited image
Deverenian Coronet Edited image
Duchess Brymin Added image
Duty Edited image
Enokki Edited image
Equipment Shop Added image
Excellent Aim Added image
Fire Imp Added image
Frederik Lahr Added image
Gloves of Trespass Edited image
Halberdier Added image
Hate's Signet Added image
Inquisitor Chyre Edited image
Jack Casey Added image
Jelial's Bracers Edited image
Kara Wadreth Edited image
Kcal'den's Bracers Edited image
Keziah Added image
King Xod Added image
Lekar Osud Edited image
Logan Ebonwoulfe Added image
Lord Gahid Rellion Edited image
Monkey's Paws Edited image
Morghen's Staff Edited image
Noenare Added image
Out of the Shadows Added image
Overrun Added image
Provider Edited image
Rathe Edited image
Ring of the Skylords Added image
Rora Blackmane Added image
Sali Added image
Sarakian Gloves Edited image
Scale Mail Added image
Serah ni Fhionn Added image
Signon's Signet Added image
Sir Robert the Vigilant Edited image
Sir Tython's Shield Edited image
Sister Amanda Edited image
Slayer the Unkind Edited image
Sorscha's Reach Edited image
Steel Gargoyle Edited image
Stupid Luck Added image
Taoth Edited image
Timothy Windson Added image
Trespass Edited image
Uthanak Edited image
Vakeros Edited image
Yedraw Edited image
2007-04-16 Blood Worm Added image
Edited text
Death's Call Added image
Demonslayer Added image
Destiny of the Returned Added text
Epic Mantle Added image
Eye of the Storm Added image
Forged in Battle Added image
Grihilga Added image
Invader's Banner Added image
Ironhall's Fury Added image
Ironhall's Reach Added image
Ironhall's Rise Added image
Jacarra Added image
Map of the Back Alleys Added image
Marcus Shaw Edited image
Medwin's Codex Added image
Padrig Added image
Potion of Youth Added image
Returned Cohort Added text
Scythe of Souls Edited image
Sword of Chaos Edited image
Thieves' Fingers Added image