Contributing Images

As you browse the spoiler, you'll notice some cards are highlighted.
All such links turn red when you hover over them.
No image, and the text has not been verified.
Painful to look at, but legible.
Preview release. The text may be different from the actual card.

If you have better pics, or can scan, any of those cards, please log into the forum and PM Vhati.
Ideally, every card should have a decent scan of real cardstock.


1st ATK searching hasn't been nailed down yet, so that field is disabled.

In text fields, you can use quotes around phrases, and put a minus before keywords you don't want.

For AC, Skill, and HP, you can additionally search for +* (same as *), and -*.

Choosing multiple classes returns multiclass characters.

Searches use AND logic, meaning the more you specify, the fewer the results.

Forum Integration

You can use [card], or [character]/[item]/[action], bbcodes around card names to create popup links.
Clicking within the popup opens another window with details.